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Here are some things to know about the extreme drought in the Western U.S.

What you need to know about the drought in the Western U.S.

Juneteenth is in its 156th year. Many Americans are just beginning to celebrate it

Juneteenth traces itself to the day in 1865 a more than two years after the Emancipation Proclamation a that brought news of freedom to enslaved people in Galveston, Texas. Now a federal holiday, it's become more popular than ever.

Afghanistan's air force is a rare U.S.-backed success story. It may soon fail.

The U.S. spent $8 billion building an Afghan air force in its own image. But how long can it last after American forces withdraw?

Europe opens to American tourists: Spain's (cruise) ship finally comes in

After a year-plus of coronavirus suffering, nascent reopening to tourism in Spain and elsewhere in Europe brings hopes for economic revival.

El Departamento de Estado relaja sus advertencias de viaje a MA(c)xico, CanadA! y otros paAses

Muchos paAses pasan de "no viajar" a "reconsiderar".

Column: Small-time leader with a big mouth shows the problem with today's politics

The loudest voices, a minority of voters, are drowning everyone else out.

Some vaccine experts having second thoughts about rushing to inoculate kids

A growing contingent of medical experts is questioning the conventional wisdom that healthy children should get COVID-19 shots as soon as possible.

In Iran's presidential election, apathy is looking like the big winner

Iranians choose a new president Friday as major issues loom over their country, including its tanking economy, but indifference is widespread.

Podcast: The history behind Kamala Harris, 'Do not come' and Guatemala

Harris tells Guatemalans "do not come" to the U.S. It's not that simple.

With Biden's backing, House votes to repeal 2002 authorization for Iraq war

The House approved legislation to repeal the 2002 authorization for use of military force in Iraq. It next goes to the Senate.

Column: Merrick Garland can't avoid investigating Trump-era abuses now

The DOJ may prefer to focus on immediate issues, but it's getting pushed toward a truth-and-reconciliation agenda against the last administration.

As voting rights bills fizzle in Congress, VP Harris looks to fire up voters for 2022

Vice President Harris is leading the administration's push on voting rights. As prospects dim in Congress, she's trying to rally voters and activists.

Jack Weinstein, federal court judge who oversaw sensational mob trials, dies

Jack Weinstein also awarded millions to Vietnam vets who had been exposed to Agent Orange.

Photos: Israeli ultranationalists march through East Jerusalem, stirring animosity

The march posed a test for Israel's fragile new government as well as the tenuous truce that ended last month's 11-day war between Israel and Hamas.

Biden says Putin meeting was 'frank,' but Russian leader deflects criticism

President Biden brings up human rights and cyberattacks in meeting with Putin. The Russian leader later rejects blame and accuses the U.S. of abuses.

Digital sex crimes can be 'murder' to South Korean women's identity, report finds

Digital sex crimes devastate women's lives in South Korea but are inadequately punished, a human rights group found

Averting an ultraconservative takeover, Southern Baptists elect a new leader

The Southern Baptist Convention is facing a showdown over racial justice, the role of women and how to handle sexual abuse allegations within the church.

Under Biden immigration change, more Central American children may join family in U.S.

Biden immigration policy changes could dramatically increase the number of Central American children being reunited with family already in the U.S.

Biden nets EU tariff agreement, highlighting solidarity ahead of Putin meeting

President Biden gains a tariff agreement and attends the European Union summit, part of a trip to reassure allies after Trump's isolationist policies.

Column: Finally, a red line. Lawmakers oust Oregon colleague who let insurrectionists into state Capitol

With a wink and a nod, Mike Nearman invited the Dec. 21 attack. The bipartisan vote for his expulsion was 59-1.

'Sigh of relief.' Biden team embraces new Israeli government after Netanyahu drama

The Biden administration is rushing to welcome a new Israeli government after Benjamin Netanyahu's ouster, not because they will agree on policies but because it is a break from turmoil surrounding the former prime minister.

Podcast: Netanyahu is out as Israel's prime minister. What's next?

Benjamin Netanyahu is no longer Israel's prime minister. Now, the coalition that ousted him faces a hard challenge ahead: leading together.

Biden and Putin agree relations are abysmal. Will their meeting change anything?

Biden and Putin agree the nations' relationship is at a low point before their summit. Trump sends the ex-KGB chief 'warmest regards.'

Column One: To return to a post-COVID normal, we must learn to trust one another again

California is set for a full reopening on June 15, but experts say a full recovery is dependent on trust.

'Watch me.' Biden assures NATO allies after Trump mocked alliance as 'obsolete'

President Biden builds bridges at NATO summit, after Trump belittled the alliance. Allies support his upcoming meeting with Russia's Putin, he says.

Op-Ed: Israel's most diverse coalition ever reaffirms the Middle East's 'miracle' democracy

The upheavals in Israeli politics ultimately succeeded in bringing together seemingly irreconcilable factions.

Benjamin Netanyahu ruled Israel as a man of many faces

A look at the legacy of Israel's longest-serving leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, now pushed from power.

Israeli epoch comes to close as Netanyahu, longest-serving leader, is out

Israeli parliament's vote of confidence in the new government pushes Netanyahu aside, installing another right-wing leader, Naftali Bennett, in his place.

'A contest with autocrats.' Biden lauds action as G-7 nations rebuke China

President Biden and other G-7 leaders condemn forced labor and call out China and others for human rights abuses.

War reduced parts of Gaza to rubble. It's his job to take it away

Mahmoud Abu Jubbah and his family have the grim task of clearing the aftermath of war, removing what's left of homes, offices and personal belongings.

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